Rent a Car Castelldefels OFR

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we respond to some doubts you may have when it comes to renting a vehicle with us. Any other that may appear do not doubt in asking us, we will be grateful to answer it:

  • Do you have service at the Airport? No, we are a local company and we don’t have service at BCN Airport. All deliveries and returns must be made in our office in Castelldefels

  • What conditions may you ask when renting a vehicle?

It is necessary that you bring your ID or passport and your driving permission, and both to be in vigor.

To rent a vehicle it is necessary:

The driver must be over 24 and under 70 years old and have your driving permission at least for 2 years or more.

Have in possession your own credit card.

  • Do you ask for deposit when renting a vehicle?

Yes, the deposit is important depending on the variable import of the renting. You can pay the deposit with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard), and we give it back when the vehicle is returned in a good state.

  • Which is the minimum to rent?

The minimum to rent is one whole day. Renting a fraction of a day would be considered as a whole day also.

  • Who is authorized to drive the vehicle?

The only people who are authorized are those who are noted as principle or additional driver in the renting contract.

  • What does the rate include?

The rate includes: lubricants, greases and accidental breakdowns. If during the journey you have some incident, you have to tell us immediately. To pay you the import, you have to ask for the invoice of any service/product in name of One Formula Rent.

  • What does the insurance cover?

The insurance includes: theft, a fire, broken windows and road assistance.

  • What does NOT the rate include?

It does not include: Traffic infractions, fuel, tires, loss or break of the keys, car cleaning and detailed exceptions that are detailed in the contract.

  • Can I receive the car at any hour?

To come and get the car you should come to the office the hour and day of the reservation. We are flexible when it comes to the return and give away of the car always when you let us know before by phone.

  • What fuel policy are used?

When giving the vehicle, its tank is full, and we expect the vehicle to be returned in the same way.

  • What happens if I have a breakdown?

In the case of suffering a breakdown or any other type of problem during the renting of your vehicle, you can call our road assistance service, which is available 24 hours, to 365 days of the year. You can also get in contact with our office, inside the hours we are open, we will inform and help to solve any problem as soon as possible.
It is the clients responsibility to give the car with the corresponding fuel. If any doubt, please feel free to consult our staff about the fuel the car needs.

  • Doubts about lost objects

From the company we are not responsible for any loss or damage of personal goods left in the car during the renting or proximately, they are absolutely and completely responsibility of the lessee.

  • Can we have pets in the vehicle?

Yes you can take pets always when you follow the traffic normative for this cases. However when you give back the vehicle you will be able to make an additional payment for the cleaning.